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Proline Paving in San Antonio TX offers complete asphalt paving services all over Texas! Our team has decades of experience and we deliver high quality work at competitive rates. Proline Paving can design your next project and bring new ideas to the table. We’ve designed and built many projects including commercial parking lots, HOA walkways for parks, roads, airplane runways and more! Our complete services include site prep, grading, new asphalt installation, overlays, parking lot striping, ADA compliance, speed bumps, asphalt graphics, seal coating and more, all completely turnkey. We’ve built our reputation on delivering high quality work.

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Parking Lots

We have a simple goal: Deliver quality work!  We offer asphalt paving, asphalt overlay, asphalt repair, seal coating, line striping, traffic and ADA signage and thermo plastic markings!

Private Runways

Private Runways, Let Us Pave The Way!

Proline Paving has completed interesting niche projects such as private runways for aircraft and indoor raceways. See our videos on our gallery page to see drone footage of our most interesting work.

Thermo Plastic Markings

Thermo Plastic

We offer thermo plastic markings that can last for years! It consists of pigments, binders and glass beads which makes markings or stripes reflective and visible at night.

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